Thursday, October 22, 2009

Eccentric Kira

My daughter loves to dress herself up in whatever clothes she finds. Quite often she'll layer them and put on a pair of shades. Here, she's walking her stuffed dog. Looks like the label "eccentric old lady" is in her future, don't you think?

Here's eccentric old lady with her grandma's cat this past summer:

And, here she is getting into her layers as I unpacked and sorted through a bag of hand-me-downs from her cousin Jillian last June (yes, almost a year and a half ago! That's June 2008):

In classic Kira style, there is a song and dance for every occasion. Here she is singing about the "sauce" (looks like eccentric old lady is going to be a drinker too!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 40th, Mark (aka Daddy)

I had such an awesome time organizing a surprise 40th birthday for my husband Mark. I kept wishing I could share the excitement with my kids, but was careful not to mention anything to Kira, who was bound to slip out the news without even realizing it. Last winter (shortly before Christmas), after returning from a "grocery shopping" trip with her daddy, she blurted out: "Daddy, did you hide the surprise for Mommy? Where's the surprise for Mommy?" to which Daddy couldn't help but laugh.

So, much of the organization was done through email, or during Kira's preschool hours. The party was set to coincide with our 5th wedding anniversary weekend (a month before Mark's actual birthday, so he wouldn't suspect anything!). And, as a perk I was able to milk our anniversary weekend and plan stuff for the 2 of us! On Friday night we went out for a romantic dinner in Vieux La Prairie. On Saturday we went to the spa for an hour-long Swedish massage. And on Sunday, I took him out for lunch, where I informed him that I had reserved the entire restaurant for just us 2. Of course, that's when he started to suspect something was up...

We drove up to Sushi Yasu restaurant in Brossard. The parking lot was empty (Mark knows the cars of all of his friends and family, so this was key to the surprise being effective). After 15 minutes of trying to keep a straight face in the restaurant with Mark, the guests started to pour in. We packed the restaurant with 45 family and friends, including our prize-winning guests Doug & Licia Baylis, who drove up from New Jersey just to wish Mark a happy 40th.

More well-wishers joined us afterwards at our home. Success!

No birthday party would be complete without cake! I ordered this gorgeous cake (coconut on top tier; chocolate bottom tier) from Les Sucres Antonietta (ask me if you want a referral!). Nothing went to waste, not even the stars, as you can see. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Camping in with Mums & Tots

Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged. I honestly have no excuse. I could say I was busy, but what mom isn't? I'll try to get back into this, because I've accumulated some awesome pics, vids, and topics over the past months. As a result, you'll be seeing recent and not-so-recent photos mixed up in my posts. But that's all part of the game, right? If I post as often as I hope, good luck catching up with me! :)

Today, Mums & Tots of Brossard held its first Camping Day theme day, organized by our enthusiastic mommy member Janet. Here she is in full camping gear in front of a pop-up tent put up for ambiance.

Our moms are awesome and got right into the thème-du-jour. We rotate duties throughout the year, so the moms with duties for the day stepped up and brought in s'mores for snacks, and set up an awesome campfire scene craft (oops, I didn't take pics of these! grrr... you see, I'm out of blogging practice, clearly!).

During song / storytime, we gathered 'round a makeshift campfire (check this out!)

and "roasted marshmallows" (haha, what a riot! The kids loved it!)

Mums & Tots is wonderful co-op of fantastic moms and their babies / toddlers. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with life, this group brings me back to reality and the fact that hey, I'm just feeling this way because I'm a mom. It's perfectly normal!