Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy day!

Today was a momentous day. It started early. I was so nervous that I woke up early, and had to rouse my 2 sleeping babies at 7am. It was Kira's orientation day at preschool! Unfortunately, I didn't take many good shots, but here is one of the 5 teachers at Les Activit├ęs Pr├ęscolaires de Brossard. Kira's teacher is a bundle of energy named Marie-France. This school has a fantastic reputation from every mom I've talked to with children there. I can't wait to see Kira blossom over the course of this season, and to be an active and involved parent in the school. I promise to take better photos for a future post.

So, the day started off with Kira making a great entry into the world of school. Then, we were off to Home Start's office, where we delivered close to $200 that Kira raised through friends and family as she ran in a mini-marathon fundraiser for the organization. Actually, the event took place in Lemoyne near us, but we had to leave town and so we took the marathon with us. Kira's sponsors all signed her shirt, and she ran across her (great) Auntie Sumire's lawn. Here's a photo of Kira crossing the finish line. For more photos, you can see my album here.

Finally, to cap the day, Calvin started crawling! Well, he isn't doing the classic crawl yet, but he can get from place to place in a forward direction now, and is thrilled himself with this new development! Now I have to be extra-careful watching these 2 kids as they continue to grow and explore their surroundings!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kira's funny faces

This post isn't really about any special occasion or event. Kira loves making funny faces these days. Here are a few of them, above. :)

She's also very much into repeating phrases, making up stories and songs. What a fun age!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our first library outing

Yesterday was our first visit to the Candiac library. Well, any library at all, really. There's an enormous amount of construction in Candiac these days, so the route was a bit rough. However, we pushed our way through the gravel-filled road (I'm thankful for my great double-stroller with big wheels!) and found our way to the library. Here are photos of the construction that greeted us on the way (above), and the library (left). I understand the building used to be a church. It's now beautifully renovated and very modern inside.

I hadn't been to a library myself in several years, so this was an exciting outing for me. Calvin got a free library card because he's a new Candiac baby! 2007 was Candiac's 50th anniversary and as part of the celebration all babies born that year received a letter authorizing a free membership for a year! So, both Calvin and Kira borrowed on his card (I'll get a family membership this year, and meanwhile we'll all borrow on Calvin's account, heehee!).

Now, anyone who knows Kira knows that books are the center of her universe! She could sit and read books for hours on end and would gladly do so if I had enough patience to sit with her (sometimes she'll amuse herself by pretending to read, which is also great fun to watch, and part of her imagination / language-building). So a library is like Kira Heaven! I don't know if she had ever seen so many books in one space. Kira was so excited, she kept picking books off the shelf, so I had to limit her pickings to 3 books (and 2 for Calvin).

We're looking forward to making a weekly jaunt to the library a part of our routine.