Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello, Tyson!

I'm in Ottawa this week to visit my mom for a few days with the kids. Hopefully I'll have some time to post more on this short trip. With only 48 hours here, I didn't plan on doing much except spending quality time with my mom and meeting up with a long-lost friend. But I just HAD to make time to see Mark's cousin Cindy and her new little bundle Tyson!

Cindy had a long and hard labour - not the stuff of dreams, because nothing seemed to work to ease her pain, poor thing. Thankfully, a healthy and beautiful little miracle was the result. Here's a photo of Tyson, who was born at 8 lbs. 11 oz. His mom is making the slow recovery from a c-section, but otherwise is in good spirits and is a proud parent alongside her partner Seb. Luckily, they have the support of family during this adjustment period. Her mom (my Auntie Terry) was there when I visited, to help out.

Welcome to the family, Tyson! Can't wait to watch you grow!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

To sleep, perchance to dream...

What does it really mean to "sleep like a baby"? Well, here's what it looks like:

Awwww, melts my heart to see my babies in dreamland! Unfortunately, Kira rarely goes to sleep without a fight, and Calvin is up every couple of hours throughout the night. *sigh!* As a result, I'm often feeling in a zombie-like state, and haven't slept more than 4 hours straight since Calvin was born. I'm looking forward to brighter days when, hopefully both kids will be sleeping through the night.

We had an awful time with Kira's sleep from the time she was born, and we approached her sleep in all the wrong ways. As a result, we're working hard at establishing a good bedtime routine for Calvin. So far so good (he consistently naps at regular intervals and is down for the night sometime between 8pm to 9pm), except that he wakes frequently at night. Kira sometimes wakes up at night to pee on the toilet, but that's a welcome step in her development. She still fights us at bedtime unless we exhaust her with lots of running around and outdoor time. Both kids come into our bed around 6 or 7am for morning cuddles, and Kira almost always squirms out of bed to watch cartoons until Mommy and Daddy are ready to start their days. :)

Although I'm dying for a full night's sleep, I also wouldn't trade these times for the world because once they're gone, they're gone!

Friday, June 20, 2008

An outing to Funtopia!

I took the kids to Funtopia for the first time today. Finally, a play space for kids on the South Shore! Kira had a great time, and she met lots of old and new faces there. She was hesitant at first, but eventually was climbing around everywhere and having a ball! Lots of climbing, crawling and sliding spaces. It's brightly coloured, clean, safe, and well staffed. Everything on the play structures is padded and lots of netting ensures no accidental falls. And as is typical in this type of facility, there is a strict no-shoes policy which keeps it clean and safe. Kira managed to charm my friend Jeanne into climbing, crawling and sliding with her. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on-hand to snap photos of that cute sight! Next time! Here's a photo of Kira climbing up the padded "stairway" to the upper play level.

There was also a room for babies and young ones, ideal for Calvin. However, because Kira definitely is of an age where she needs constant supervision, Calvin didn't benefit from the outing this time around. Maybe I'll be able to take him on his own if Kira registers for a class at le Petit Gym next door, this fall or winter.

The food was pretty good, and they had a varied and healthy selection (alongside other not-so-healthy choices). The prices were fair, but it made for an expensive outing because of course, you aren't allowed to take your own food and there were vending machines (tempting for kids - good marketing!) everywhere. My only complaints about the food might be that there wasn't a significant vegetarian selection (I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich and they had to check that they had smoked salmon in their kitchen before ringing it in, because nobody ever orders it! At least I eat fish; being a non-fish eater would have proven even more difficult.). The other difficulty was in the fact that I'm still off of dairy because of Calvin's bovine protein sensitivity. So completely not thinking, I ordered the smoked salmon sandwich but of course what was in there? Cream cheese! I felt too badly return it, so I scraped off the cream cheese as well as I could. I might talk to them about this for a future visit - maybe they'll let me take my own sandwich just until Calvin is able to handle dairy (fingers crossed that he'll outgrow the sensitivity soon!).

Kira somehow coerced me into climbing up the structure with her (imagine me doing that with Calvin in his baby wrap hanging off my chest) and that's when I snapped this shot of her running through one of the tiny "hallways" with a bunch of kids rolling a big ball in the same direction following her.

It was a nice way to spend an overcast day. Of course, I would still opt for a park or outdoor excursion on a clear day. We have to do everything we can to enjoy our short summer season!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Since Calvin's birth, Mark and I have divided a lot of the parenting responsibilities more than ever before. I'm so thankful that Mark has been working from home for the past year, and although this will likely soon come to an end, I believe he has enjoyed his quality time with the family as well.

Over the past months Kira has become Daddy's Little Girl in a big way. She relies on him for a lot of nurturing and asks for him constantly. She pines for Daddy when he's away on business trips, and his is the first name she calls when she wakes up in the morning. Mark in return, is a doting father!

One of the fun responsibilities we have evenly split with our kids is bathtime. I bathe Calvin while Mark bathes Kira. Calvin has always loved bathtime! If he's in a bit of a fussy mood at night, usually a bath will cheer him up. Recently, he's discovered that he can splash the water around with his feet, and so bathtime is messier and wetter than ever! I've had to move his bath from the countertop, to the floor (with a towel underneath). Here's my little kicker! As you can see, I tried to cover his privates but with every shoot he kicked the little towel off.

We have one of those deep tubs that is difficult to lean over. So, we've been delaying bathing Kira in the big tub because of this, and also because it takes a lot of water to fill the tub even a little bit. As a result, Kira is still in a baby tub, but he doesn't seem to mind. And, because leaning over the side of the tub is a challenge, Mark sits on an upside-down bucket that's placed in the tub.

Kira loves her bath toys and can play with them forever. She doesn't like having her hair washed but over the past several months Mark has made a game of it and creates a new "hair style" for her every bathtime. Here's one of those famous hairdo's.

And the biggest reward of all for us, is, of course, clean kids! :)